Coaching with Greg Baer
Coaching with Greg Baer

Coaching with Greg Baer

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Coaching with Greg Baer

If you would be interested in intensive coaching from Greg Baer—the most experienced Real Love coach in the world, and considered to be the pre-eminent author and speaker on the subject of unconditional love—you can contact him at Greg (at) reallove (dot) com

Hundreds of thousands of people have made significant changes in their lives by reading and watching blogs, videos, books, audiobooks, training courses, and more on and


Changing a life is not a small undertaking, and many people have discovered that they need more individualized coaching to help them learn a new way of living and to overcome the wounds of the past.


Greg does this coaching by Skype, initially meeting with people daily. The coaching is not regimented as to days and length of calls. He coaches as needed, and for as long as each individual requires.


Greg has coached thousands of people and routinely witnessed complete transformations in people as they are unconditionally loved and taught.

"This guy knows how to love like no other I’ve encountered in my life. He has the ability to see the purest essence of each soul as he helps them to see their own worthiness. He changed my life!"
Patty M., Lexington, KY

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