Real Love Boot Camp 2.0 - Video Download
Real Love Boot Camp 2.0 - Video Download

Real Love Boot Camp 2.0 - Video Download

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Real Love Boot Camp 2.0 - 10 Week VIDEO WEBINAR DOWNLOAD

What is a "Real Love Boot Camp?"

Imagine being a participant in a 90-minute webinar, in the comfort of your home. All the Real Love training without the expense and inconvenience of travel and accommodations.

Greg will be in your home teaching a prepared lesson. You will see him and his written "pearls" on your monitor. Imagine being at a Real Love Workshop with Greg 10 times – That's a LOT of Greg teaching Advanced Real Love.

Boot Camp Outline

Disc 1: The true nature of Real Love, Imitation Love, and Getting and Protecting Behaviors

Disc 2: Pain, PCSD (Post-Childhood Stress Disorder), The 5 Truths

Disc 3: More PCSD, The Root Wound—Worthlessness

Disc 4: The Loop of Fear, EJFR, Truth Telling

Disc 5: Changing Judgments, NOW, Freedom, Trust

Disc 6: Listening: As a Partner in Marriage or the Workplace

Disc 7: Anger; Its Affect on Partners and Children

Disc 8: Anger, Eliminating, not just Managing

Disc 9: Being a Wise Man, RL Groups

Disc 10: Wise Man (2), God, Victimhood, Trust

Real Love Boot Camp offered at substantial savings

Greg usually charges a minimum of $400 per hour for phone coaching. That means that 25 hours of coaching with Greg would normally cost upwards of $10,000!

But we are offering this VIDEO WEBINAR DOWNLOAD for only $579